Dental Exam

Why Do I Need A Dental Exam And All Those X-Rays

  • Many diseases and problems are not noticeable until they become severe with pain or other symptoms arising.
    • Cavities – small cavities are hard to see with the eye and may show up on x-rays first. If fixed early, it will prevent potential loss of teeth.
    • Gum Disease – If plaque and calculus is left on the teeth and gums for prolonged periods it will cause inflammation causing bone loss and the gums to recede, this leads to sensitivity and teeth mobility and the eventual loss of teeth.
    • Cost – Preventative measures are more cost effective than doing complex procedures. The cost for root canals, dentures, crowns, bridges, implants, gum grafts are significant. The cost of an implant to replace a missing tooth can be enough to cover regular cleanings for ten years.
    • Disease – The dentist looks for much more than tooth decay. There are many diseases like HPV or cancers the dentist is looking for around the lips, cheek, throat, palate, gums, tongue and the bones on the x-ray.
    • Education – The dentist and hygienist can give you suggestions to improve your oral health. You may be grinding or brushing too aggressively without knowing.