Wisdom Teeth

Should I Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed

  • It Depends. If you are getting recurrent infections, pain or cavities then it’s recommended to have them removed.

Fully erupted wisdom teeth

  • If your wisdom teeth have grown into the mouth completely like all the other teeth, then it’s fine to keep. The wisdom teeth would be treated as any other tooth, e.g., if you get a cavity on it then it needs a filling.
  • The position of the wisdom teeth is what makes it susceptible to cavities and gum disease. There is little space at the back which makes it challenging to get the toothbrush and floss to clean it properly. If you can’t clean it properly then your dentist may recommend having them removed.

Partially erupted wisdom teeth

  • Wisdom teeth that are stuck part way because there is not enough space in the mouth are highly susceptible to infections, cavities and gum disease. Most people experiencing pain with wisdom teeth fall in the category.
  • If your dentist finds your wisdom teeth partial erupted, they will recommend having it removed even if there is no pain or issues at the time. It’s easier to treat when there are no issues compared to when issues do arise.

Impacted wisdom teeth

  • Fully impacted wisdom teeth fall in between, depending on the severity of impaction. If they are deeply impacted then it’s best to monitor and observe, especially if there is an elevated risk of nerve damage during removal.
  • Sometimes cysts may form in these impactions, or they may cause root resorption to the molar tooth in front of it.
  • The appearance may look impacted but there can be a small gap in the gingiva and opening in the bone which can cause infections. There can be many variations of impaction and your dentist can properly advise if you should have your wisdom teeth removed, have them monitored, or they are fine to leave as is.