Our Team

About Dr. Kai Wu

  • Dr. Kai grew up in Winnipeg where he attended the University of Manitoba, graduating with a degree in Microbiology, and later, Doctor of Dental Medicine.
  • Since 2015 Dr. Kai has been practicing dentistry, originally in Winnipeg before moving to the Waterloo region. He is sad to leave Winnipeg’s very mild winters and moderate summers that were mosquito free. Dr. Kai relates to the crab, being that they both can be very crafty.
  • Dr. Kai believes in a non-judgmental approach to dentistry. He did not get his first dental cleaning until he was near his twenties because of the lack of knowledge in the importance of keeping an oral hygiene routine. He has accumulated some recession and sensitivity as a result of improper care but believes it is never too late to start. You can make a big impact on your own health when you choose. He is motivated in bringing out your best smile and helping you maintain it but if you are looking for specific and limited treatment, he will make sure your concerns are properly addressed.
  • Dr. Kai practices a comprehensive scope of general dentistry with special interest in surgical dentistry.
  • Dr. Kai is fluent in English and Cantonese

About Kayla

  • Kayla has lived in Waterloo Region her entire life, also where she went to Westervelt College for Dental Assisting Level 1 and 2.
  • Kayla has been working in dentistry since 2018 since graduating Westervelt.
  • Kayla believes that dental visits should be more relaxing and an opportunity to maintain or get your dental health to as healthy as can be. Doing so by making sure everyone understands what everything is or why something has to be done. Information is always key in making the best choices.
  • Kayla is always willing to hold a hand and make the whole experience as comfortable as possible.