Cosmetics can be anything about your teeth or smile you want changed, be it spaces, misalignment & crowding, broken & worn, discolouration or old fillings.

Teeth Whitening

  • If you are happy with the shape of your teeth and want the colour a couple or few shades whiter than this may be a suitable option.
  • There are two main groups of staining, intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external). Intrinsic staining can be a result of developmental disorders, antibiotics, high levels of fluoride, genetics, age, physical trauma. Extrinsic staining is mainly cause by environmental factors such as food and beverages, antibiotics, smoking, and anything with pigments and colours that enter the mouth. Some of these stains are difficult to lighten and therefore whitening will have a limited effect in creating a whiter smile, in these cases veneers or crowns may be required to create an aesthetic smile.
  • There are two main choices to whitening, a take home and a in office treatment. The take home is a slower method and requires continuous applications until the desired shade is achieved. The in office treatment will lighten the chroma of your teeth a few shades in the same appointment but will result in more post-op sensitivity.
  • Compounds called chromogens cause tooth stains. A peroxide base chemical is used to break the chromogens into smaller compounds. The stains become smaller and less concentrated, thereby your teeth appear whiter. It is important to note the whitening is not permanent and that teeth will pick up colour again over time.
  • The whitening procedure may cause sensitivity and gingival irritation that can last several days.

Composite Bonding Restorations

  • These are ideal to make minor changes to the shape of your teeth while matching to the existing colour, or putting something whiter or with more colour can be done.
  • If there are chips, cracks, or cavities along with discolouration, a composite bonded restoration can restore the tooth to a natural aesthetic.


  • Veneers are a good option if you want to change your smile. It can change the colour and the shape of the teeth to a more aesthetic appearance.
  • These are custom made porcelain shells that cover your teeth. Your teeth may need to be prepared first to create the necessary space for the porcelain shell. The veneers are cemented on to your tooth, giving a natural smile.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

  • More extensive for cases with significant attrition and wear, the teeth need to be built back up and the bite re-established. The colour and shape can be restored back to the normal state.