These Dentures Are Amazing

  • These Dentures are amazing, said nobody ever. Why? Because nobody can give you what the Lord gave you.
  • Natural Teeth are fixed to the bone by the periodontal ligament and are very stable but also have some flexibility. Teeth are stable enough to bite through and tear food. Partial dentures have some retention by using the remaining teeth as support, but they are not fixed in place. If partial dentures are using too much of the natural teeth for support, it may affect those remaining teeth.
  • Complete dentures rely solely on soft tissue for support and retention, often denture adhesive is required to achieve some stability. Implants can be used to support dentures, but the cost can be substantial, and they are not immune to gum disease. Implants are not permanent and require a proper oral hygiene routine to maintain, otherwise they can be lost to peri-implantitis.
  • Dentures can be a good option to replace missing teeth for esthetics and restore some function, but they are never amazing. Preventative measures and maintaining your natural teeth are the best ways to have a healthy smile and to enjoy all your favorite foods in your senior years.