Orthodontics & Appliances

Orthodontics can be suitable for children and adults to improve the aesthetic of your appearance, as well as the function. Having a healthy smile can improve the overall confidence.


  • Offering clear aligner orthodontic treatment, no brackets or wires are necessary. A set of custom made clear plastic trays are fabricated to fit on your teeth.
  • Aligners work by applying specific pressure to certain teeth over time thereby pushing them into an aligned position. The gingiva and bone around the teeth remodel to support the new position of the teeth.
  • These trays are worn for periods of one to two weeks and switched out as the teeth are moved into a new position. It is important to wear the tray for the prescribe time as each tray moves the teeth in preparation for the next tray (a stepping stone). The total time can be months to years depending on the case.
  • Results are highly dependent on the proper use and wear time of the aligner. It is ideal to wear the tray 22-23 hours per day, 7 days a week. The forces of aligner rapidly decay once in the mouth (because the thermoplastic polymers are not inert in the oral environment).
  • In certain teeth, such as lateral incisors or rotated teeth, there is insufficient surface space for the aligner to push against. Or teeth where more engagement is necessary, such as on molars, an attachment can be place on the necessary teeth where the aligner can impart additional forces onto.
  • In addition to attachments, elastics and temporary anchorage devices are also used to help facilitate tooth movement or tooth retention.
  • Aligners have a more cosmetic appearance compared to traditional band and bracket braces. Aligner trays can be removed and facilitates easier access to brushing and flossing your teeth, thereby making it easier to manage proper oral hygiene.

Night Guards

  • Night guards are used to help mitigate the attrition of teeth, the grinding or clenching of teeth to teeth. Most people have some form of stress, anxiety or tension and that can result in night time bruxism, the subconscious activity of grinding and gnashing your teeth.

Sports Guards

  • Custom fabricated mouth guards to protect your teeth and gingiva from sports that involve physical contact or equipment contact with teeth.