Dental X-Rays

Are Dental X-Rays Safe

  • Yes. There is some radiation (about 0.001mSv per X-Ray) but the dosage is safe for routine dental treatment. Taking X-rays is required to do a proper examination which outweighs the risk associated with any radiation.
  • Cavities in between the teeth are not visible and therefore we need to take a radiograph (X-ray) to assess for cavities. When radiographs are not taken the cavity in between teeth will only become visible when it has enlarged to a substantial size or when pain is present, in either scenario the cavity has likely reached the nerve of the tooth. When a cavity gets to the nerve it will require a root canal to save it, otherwise the tooth will eventually need to be extracted.
  • Radiographs also help us detect abnormalities which could indicate infection or other diseases like cancer.